The Quest of Evolution

    The Quest of Evolution offers decentralised frameworks for creatives around the globe to collaborate and accrue value on multimedia art. We have designed the infrastructure to collect Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) in exchange for our Native $QEV token, creating a DAO and community of like minded creatives, collectors, investors and fans to be part of an innovative reinvention of the creative process, where the profitability of the movement will reward all stakeholders fairly, post ICO.

    Our mission is to induce and collect artistic collaborations to create Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) commodities which
    have monetisation value to third party licensers in large industries like film, merchandise, publishing and gaming.

    Our vision is to become a community of creatives whom collaboratively produce valuable IP commodities, where holding $QEV tokens equates to owning a piece of the IPRs pie.